Who we are:
The Overgaard Outreach Observatory (OOO) was founded in 2012 by Phil & Lynn Hoppes. It was built with the sole mission to provide a facility that can be used to promote science and math education. Phil has been Electrical Engineer for close to 30 years working in the semiconductor industry while Lynn has worked in the field of education for almost the same amount of time. Phil has been an amateur astronomer since his early elementary school days with a keen interest in science in general. Lynn has taught at numerous grade levels in the Paradise Valley School district in Phoenix Arizona. They own a residence in Overgaard Arizona. This is a location up in the White Mountains of NE Arizona. The skies are very dark and seeing conditions for the observatory are excellent.

Our Mission:
The primary mission of the Overgaard Outreach Observatory is to provide formal and informal curriculum for STEM education using a research level, remote controlled observatory for K-12 education.

Our Objectives:
Provide research level access for studies in three main categories of astronomical study:

  • Solar – The study of our sun
  • Planetary – The study of our solar system
  • Deep Space – the study of deep space objects (stars, galaxies, nebula, clusters, etc.)

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