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These pages discuss how we designed and constructed the Overgaard Outreach Observatory.  There is also a page just dedicated to the design and construction of our telescope pier which you might find interesting.


At the start… The initial design of the observatory was to be a Roll-off-Roof (ROR) design. This type of design has the roof on rollers that allow the roof to roll off thus opening the entire top of the building to the night sky. Like all things there are advantages and disadvantages of a ROR …

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Construction work on the observatory started in January of 2013.  We had a local contractor, Chatters Construction, do the work for us.  They built our home, garage and studio that is located on the same property.  We picked a location close enough to our main residence such that running electrical and internet connections was not …

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third design


Design The design of the pier for the observatory was a particularly challenging effort.  When the initial facility design was that of a ROR (Roll-Off-Roof) the pier design was fairly simply.  Your basic flanged 3′ pipe with a nice flat surface on top was all that was required.  The concrete base was around 6000lbs and …

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