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These pages discuss the various instruments and equipment used at the Overgaard Outreach Observatory.

solarmax 90


Just the facts… Meade Classic 10″ LX200 SCT The specifications of the Meade Classic 10″ LX200 are: Optical Design – Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptric Clear Aperture – 254mm (10″) Focal Length – 1600mm (63″) Focal Ratio – f/6.3 Resolution – 0.45 arc sec Limiting Visual Magnitude – 14.5 Limiting Photographic Magnitude – 17.0 Secondary Obstruction – 4.0″ …

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This is the main page that covers the various mounts that have been used at OOO

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CCD Camera’s There are a number of CCD cameras in use at the Overgaard Outreach Observatory.  These cameras are very special and use a device called a Charge Coupled Device to store an image.  In time there will be a tutorial or two on how these devices work but for the moment it’s best to …

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This page is for miscellaneous equipment that is used at the Overgaard Outreach Observatory

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